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OMB Peezy Twitter Video - Rapper Leaves Twitter Shocked - Who is OMB Peezy?

omb peezy video twitter

OMB Peezy Twitter Video - Rapper Leaves Twitter Shocked -  Who is OMB Peezy?

In 2021 the rapper Omb Peezy was thrown into the spotlight for something other than his music. Rapper’s Facebook drooled video has left many shocked and some Twitter users have been reacting to the same. OMB Peezy has seen his star soar since he launched to fame in 2017.

If you are wondering why was OMB Peezy exposed on Twitter, fans wonder? Stay tuned for every detail OMB Peezy is a rapper from Mobile, Alabama, United States.

On November 21, Facebook followers of Peezy, whose real name is LeParis Dade, were left shocked after the rapper posted a video of his private moment. It did not take long for the video to go viral, and since then, several fans have been reacting to the same.

Why was OMB Peezy exposed on Twitter, fans wonder? Stay tuned for every detail.

Who Is OMB Peezy?

Born February 2, 1997 (age 24 years) LeParis Dade in Alabama and raised in California the rapper goes by the stage name of OMB Peezy. American rapper based in Sacramento, California. 

Peezy is an Alabama rapper who has been making music for a long time. In 2017, he was signed to 300 Entertainment. Since then, the rapper has been entertaining his fans by releasing new music.

His songs have also got him fame as he currently has over 997k followers on Instagram. Most of his posts revolve around updating his fans about his new music. Meanwhile, Peezy also has a YouTube page. At present, he has over 639k followers on the platform.

Apart from music, Peezy also has his online shopping website. While juggling between making new music and running his online store. When he is not busy with his business, or making music, the rapper loves to tour. His next event is in Tempe, Arizona.

You can follow him on Instagram @omb_peezy where he has nearly 1M followers.

Why is the OMB Peezy video trending? Rapper's Drooled Video Explored:

On November 21 several users were left shocked after an intimate video of Peezy was posted on his Facebook Page. With over 394k followers on the platform, the video did not go unnoticed.

Fans were quick to react to the same while the others shared it on Twitter. Shortly after this, the video was taken down. It is unclear how the video made it to his timeline.

The rapper failed to reveal if his account was hacked or if he posted the video by mistake. Despite this, he did acknowledge what had happened.

OMB Peezy Breaks His Silence:

After the blunder, Peezy took to his Instagram to comment on what had happened. He said: 

“I My bad y’all had to see dat.” He continued: “My new name “Mr. Smooth” doe.”

The rapper also commented on the response he got from people after the video has drooled. He said: 

“I just woke up n y’all still on da bullsh*Y’all make a ni**a feel good doet.”

At the same time, the rapper has been replying to some of the comments on his Instagram as well. However, he has not made any other statements regarding the video.

What are OMB Peezy's hit songs?

In June 2017, Peezy released the single Porch, which was followed by Try Sumthin featuring Yhung.

After his first song, Lay Down, had millions of views, he soared to stardom. His collaborations with E-40, Nef the Pharaoh, SOB X RBE, and Li Quen are renowned.

In July 2018, he released the single Yeah Yeah" featuring TK Kravitz. In April 2020, the rapper released his hit tune, Everybody.

How Much is OMB Peezy Net Worth in 2021?

In 2021, OMB Peezy has a net worth of $300,000 dollars. He makes a lot of money through his musical tours and festivals, as well as his record sales and endorsement partnerships.

Preacher, to the Streets and Too Deep for Tears are OMB Peezy’s two studio albums, and Humble Beginnings is their extended play. Lay Down When I Was Down, Porch, and Try Sumthin are some of his non-album singles.

Is OMB Peezy Featured on Wikipedia?

Yes, Wikipedia has a page dedicated to OMB Peezy. He was born on February 2, 1997, in Mobile, Alabama, United States. He is, nonetheless, from Sacramento, California.

Peezy is 24 years old at the time of writing. On February 2, 2021, he celebrated his last birthday.

OMB Peezy’s real name is Leparis Dade, and it comes from an English surname. His name conjures up images of zeal, agreeability, and clarity.

When it comes to OMB Peezy’s love life, he is possibly single right now. Furthermore, there are no previous dating records.

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Watch OMB Peezy Viral Video:

You may watch OMB Peezy original video by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

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