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Who Is Beautiful Hot Girl Thien An | The Female Lead In The MV Series of Jack:

Nhan sắc hot girl Thiên An, nữ chính trong loạt MV của Jack
Thien An's beauty and fate helped her appear in Jack's MV series.

Who Is Beautiful Hot Girl Thien An | The Female Lead In The MV Series of Jack:

Possessing gentle lines but no less personality, hot girl Thien An has been continuously selected as the female lead in the music videos of Jack (Trinh Tran Phuong Tuan). Let's know Who Is Beautiful Hot Girl Thien An | The Female Lead In The MV Series of Jack.

Currently, Thien An restricts posting images on social networks.

Hot girl Thien An has been popular since 2019 when she participated in a series of music videos of Jack and K-ICM. with a delicate face and beautiful lines, Thien An quickly impressed young audiences as well as fans of singer Jack.

Thien An was born in 1998 in Binh Duong.

Not only possessing a slender body and delicate lines, but Thien An also makes many fans with a variety of fashion tastes. She can transform a variety of styles from tender lady to sexy girl with her body-hugging outfits.

In her artistic "career", she has been the female lead in million-view music videos such as Silver, Wind Wave, Why I accidentally, Confess ... The relationship between Thien An and Jack in the music video used to make fans doubt their relationship.

Despite always expressing enmity and entanglement with many rumours, the two have spoken out to deny the relationship.

In an interview with Thanh Nien in October 2019, Jack spoke candidly about his romance. The singer said: 

At the moment, I haven't thought about having a lover. Sometimes watching my fans stand in the rain, rain ... I've seen enough. If I'm spending time with other people now, I don't know what I can do for the other person. Sometimes girls need a polite, safe man... If I can't do it, don't try.

Despite confirming their friendship, however, the pair were enthusiastically "pushed the boat" by fans before the scandal between Jack and ICM company exploded.

Beauty hot girl Thien An, the female lead in the MV series of Jack.

The female lead of the music video of Wind wave used to make the audience frustrated by posting articles asking fans to provide personal information such as personal identification cards, household registration, birth certificates ... To be put in a fan group by you. Although it is explained by security concerns, some people are dissatisfied with the action.

Before being better known to the public, Thien An has been modelling since high school, she has also participated in many beauty contests for teenagers. Currently, her Instagram account has quite a few photos and followers of only about 1,000 people.

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