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TikTok Plane Crash Video - Jvirall Plane Crash Video Real Or Fake Exposed

TikTok Plane Crash Video - Jvirall Plane Crash Video Real Or Fake Exposed

TikTok Plane Crash Video - Jvirall Plane Crash Video Real Or Fake Exposed:

A video went viral on TikTok after a man uploaded a clip to his account, claiming to be in a plane crash. The video captioned “Bye” and “Goodbye y’all” were written on the video screen. TikTok Plane Crash Video - Jvirall Plane Crash Video Real Or Fake Exposed.

A TikToker posted a video of her on an aeroplane with some kind of air or steam coming out of the vents. TikTok Plane crash video goes viral with more than 7 million views and over 800 thousand likes.

While the comment section was filled with worried followers and TikTok users, some people were unsure that the video was justifiable. 

And people are curious to know the facts regarding the viral TikTok plane crash video. Here you can watch the viral TikTok plane crash video and we will explore everything we know about the TikTok “plane crash.”

Is The TikTok Plane Crash Video Real?

Faking an aeroplane crash on Tik Tok for followers? Not a smart idea. The internet comes with real and fake videos, and sometimes creators use this to their advantage.

According to details, earlier last week on August 8, 2021, a video went viral on TikTok after a man with the TikTok username “@jvirall” uploaded a video clip to his account, claiming to be in a plane crash.

The caption was “craziest flight ever.”
Fact Check: Who is Jvirall – Tiktok Plane Crash Video Real Or Fake?
Jvirall TikTok page which posted the viral plane crash video on TikTok.

There still is no confirmation over whether the plane crash was real or not, but one tell-tale sign which makes it safe to assume it is in fact fake is the sound used.

Video: Viral TikTok plane crash video on YouTube:

While the sound used in the video is labelled as an “original sound” which means the user has not taken it from another TikTok video, some people couldn’t help but feel it sounded familiar.

Well, that’s because it is.

Back in 2020, another TikTok user came under fire for creating a TikTok about a fake plane crash. The sound they used in their video is the same as used in this one.

If you are on TikTok, you know that sounds are a huge part of the app. You can use other people’s sounds in your own video.

People Reactions On TikTok Plane Crash Video:

The video, which showed the view from outside the plane window, was captioned: “The pilot’s dead, there’s no one flying this plane.”

This specific video has over 6 million views. The comment section was filled with over 36 thousand concerned TikTok users, who worried for the safety of the original poster.

Many were having doubt over the legitimacy of the video, One comment said,

“it’s not their sound” 

and another explained the mist saying, 

“it’s basically like Lysol they put in the cabin because of COVID. They did it on my flight yesterday.” 

Tori, the creator, posted an update after saying, 

“update I’m alive” and said that nothing really happened.

A comment says, 

“when people do things to get likes” and “so basically free clout”

See the Screenshot which shows people are approaching the person in the Q&A section to hear from him. However, he didn’t reply to any of the questions even if he is alive.

TikTok plane crash video debunked and the truth behind the viral clip
Q/A on Jvirall's Video

But others seemed to believe the TikToker, as the person who posted it has not uploaded anything new to their account since.

People argued that if the plane really went down, the TikTok video wouldn’t have been uploaded to the internet, and others commented on the familiarity of the sound used in the video.

This person has an Instagram account also with 750 followers. However, he has made his account private so nobody can see his Instagram posts until he becomes one of Jvirall’s followers with his permission of course. See the Screenshot, below.

plane crash tiktok 2021
Image via Instagram

Who posted TikTok Plane crash Video?

Man who filmed and uploaded TikTok plane crash video 

Watch TikTok Plane Crash video and Its Reality – Jvirall plane crash video
Image via TikTok

The true identity of the man, who posted this video, is yet unknown. However, the person is/was using TikTok with the display name “J” and his TikTok account ID is @Jvirall. 

The person has 76,000 followers on TikTok and he has only three videos posted on the TikTok page.


This sound has been used many times by creators taking videos on planes to make it seem like they are in trouble. 

All of these videos have high views and likes, which could be a reason why people want to use the sound.

This video creator used a sound that made it sound like the plane was crashing, which features women screaming and someone shouting “we’re all gonna die” has been used before several times on TikTok in various fake plane crash videos.

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