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Stephen Bear And Jessica Smith Bathroom Sex Video On Twitter Makes $1M in 12 Hours:

DIRTY MONEY Stephen Bear claims he made $1m in 12 hours after posting a video of a sex act with girlfriend Jessica Smith online
Fans of Stephen Bear gone into a frenzy after Stephen Bear shared a video clip of him and his girlfriend Jessica Smith on his Twitter page.

Stephen Bear And Jessica Smith Bathroom Sex Video On Twitter Makes $1M in 12 Hours:

Stephen bear shares sex video with girlfriend Jessica smith on Twitter netizens are furious on microblogging platform for failing to delete the x-rated clip. Stephen Bear And Jessica Smith Bathroom Sex Video On Twitter Makes $1M in 12 Hours.

Reality star Stephen Bear clip is still online despite it showing a sex act being performed on the star.

Twitter slammed for failing to remove Stephen Bear's X-rated clip.

Twitter users have taken aim at the social media platform after the site has not taken down an explicit clip shared by Stephen Bear.

Reality star Stephen - shared the X-rated sex clip on Sunday evening with his new girlfriend on Twitter and as a result, the footage went viral and he started trending on Twitter.

Stephen Bear has claimed he made $1 million (£720k) in just 12 hours after posting an explicit video of his girlfriend Jessica Smith performing a shocking sex act on him.

Bear and Jess are currently on holiday in Turkey where they have shared posts together on social media.

Stephen tweeted today: 

“I earned $1,000,000 in 12 hours. click the link and subscribe to my page if you haven't already #helpmegetto2million.”

The reality star's Twitter followers were horrified by the X-rated video, which Jessica also shared and linked to her own site. which is still on the platform - on her page which directed her fans to her porn site.

Bear's Twitter video titled 'Showers hit different abroad' shows the CBB winner, 31, and his girlfriend, 22, naked performing a sex act in a bathroom during a trip to Turkey.

Watch Twitter Clip here... Warning: NSFW Content.

Stephen Bear claims he has made $1million for his explicit video.

The clip went viral overnight and prompted Jess, 22, to brag: 

"I’ve heard we are viral On Twitter. 100 million + views 🌴😏🐾."

Last week she said of her boyfriend: 

"he’s got my heart ❤️  xxxxxxx."

Stephen Bear and Jessica Smith are Trending on Twitter:

One person tweeted: 

"That Stephen Bear videos ruined my whole week and it’s not even started yet."

Another person Shanon Kelly tweeted: 

"How Stephen Bear is still walking freely and not rotting in a jail somewhere honestly blows my mind."

Another echoed: 

"Surprised that Twitter has kept up Stephen bear’s b*** *** video but if I even swear on Twitter it asks me do I want to post it as I may get a warning" and "Stephen bear video I cannot. how does Twitter allow that? not to mention he has a small d***."

The reality star urged fans to subscribe to his page on an adult entertainment website. Fans have to pay in order to see more content on the explicit website.

Stephen and partner Jess have been loving the attention and comment about their clip.

Jess - who sells adult content of herself online - tweeted: 

"People should worry about their own sex life before commenting on ours … people must be so bored in the bedroom to be so obsessed with us. love my boyfriend with all my heart."

Stephen re-tweeted Jess tweet after uploading a shirtless snap and writing:


Bear uploading the video comes ahead of his revenge porn trial.

The Essex native has pleaded not guilty to charges of filming a woman without her consent, after being accused of filming himself having sex with a woman at his home on August 2, last year, and then sharing the CCTV video without her consent had been blocked by Instagram and OnlyFans which he claimed cost him millions.

Controversial Bear, 31, was previously in a relationship with Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby with whom he presented MTV show Just Tattoo Of Us.

His trial is set for February 7 next year at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Bear and Jessica are on holiday in Turkey.

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