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Nice-Marseille Ligue 1 match abandoned - Fans Throw Bottles And Invade The Pitch:

Marseille players refuse to return to the pitch after clashing with Nice fans
Nice-Marseille Ligue 1 match abandoned after bottles thrown and ‘players attacked’

Nice-Marseille Ligue 1 match abandoned - Fans Throw Bottles And Invade The Pitch:

The French Ligue 1 game between Nice and Marseille was abandoned Sunday after fans of the home side invaded the pitch.

Angrily confronted opposing player Dimitri Payet, who had thrown a bottle lobbed at him back into the crowd, before an ugly tussle broke out involving players and spectators. Forcing the referee to abandon the game.

Fans invade the pitch during Nice's match against Olympique Marseille at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, France, on August 22, 2021.

Marseille players did not return for the restart of their Ligue 1 match with Nice after ugly clashes with home fans, forcing the referee to abandon the game.

Home supporters threw missiles at corner takers.

Nice v Marseille: fans invade the pitch after clashes with players – video

Marseille eventually refused to restart the match with club officials claiming their players' safety could not be guaranteed.

“An inquiry is in progress, but no one is in police custody,” The public prosecutor’s office in Nice said.

France's Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) meanwhile said it had summoned the two clubs to a disciplinary hearing on August 25.

The game was originally suspended in the 75th minute when trouble at the Allianz Riviera Stadium flared on Sunday. 

The former West Ham man Dimitri Payet was hit on the back of the head by a bottle launched from the stands, which the Marseille forward threw back towards Nice fans.

Therefore, the situation resulting in players and supporters clashing on the pitch. Nice players and stewards tried to intervene but more projectiles were thrown and the referee made the decision to take the teams off the pitch.

Marseille players and Nice fans had to be separated after bottles were thrown between the two during their league match. An on-pitch melee ensued and the game had to be delayed by the match officials.

Angry home supporters then clambered onto the pitch, threatening Payet.

In the disturbance, Marseille's Alvaro Gonzalez and Matteo Guendouzi ran towards the end of the ground to face down the fans.

A security cordon of stewards, dressed in yellow vests, tried to stem the pitch invasion before a tussle broke out between players of the two teams, supporters and staff.

Nice skipper Dante also attempted to calm angry supporters.

A section of the home fans had been pelting the visiting Marseille players with bottles throughout the match, resulting in the stadium announcer telling the crowd to refrain from throwing items at players.

Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli was seen being restrained by his staff and players.

The referee then led both teams off to the safety of the dressing room.

Both teams retreated to the tunnel and play was held up for over an hour before the Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivère appealed to his supporters over the sound system for calm and the home players returned to the pitch to warm up. 

Eighty minutes after the game was suspended, Nice, who were leading through a Kasper Dolberg goal, said they wanted to restart.

Marseille, however, wanted the match halted for good.

"The decision was taken by the authorities to resume the match, but Marseille does not want to," Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivère told broadcaster Prime Video.

The Marseille head coach Jorge Sampaoli was enraged by the situation and had to be held back by his backroom staff while wanting to confront Nice officials.

However, when the match was planned to restart – 90 minutes after the original delay – only the Nice players were on the pitch, forcing the referee to blow for full-time.

Eventually, the match was abandoned when Marseille refused to continue.

According to a source, the referee Benoît Bastien was also opposed to a restart.

Nice were leading 1-0 at the time, thanks to a Kasper Dolberg goal when the incident happened in the 75th minute.

Marseille Players Were Attacked:

The match was set to restart but O’M did not come back out.

"Our players were attacked," said Marseille president Pablo Longoria.

"The league wanted the match to restart. We decided for the safety of our players, who were attacked during the pitch invasion, not to resume because the safety of our players was not guaranteed."

"The referee was with us, he confirmed to Jorge Sampaoli and me that safety was not guaranteed and decided to stop the game."

Marseille's opening 3-2 win at Montpellier two weeks ago was also held up when fans pelted the pitch with bottles.

That clash at Montpellier's Stade Mosson was halted in the 89th minute after Marseille substitute Valentin Rongier was hit on the head.

League rules say if a team fails to fulfil a fixture, then the opposition will be awarded a 3-0 win but Marseille would be likely to appeal such a decision.

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