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US President Joe Biden Suffers From Severe Mental Illness | The position Is At Risk:

Why isn’t Joe Biden doing all he can to protect American democracy?
American President Jow Biden News Today.

US President Joe Biden Suffers From Severe Mental Illness | The position Is At Risk:

Concerning the health of US President Joe Biden, it has been revealed that he is suffering from the most severe mental illness. 

Due to this, he forgot important things during his speech. Former White House physician Ronnie Jackson says the US president's illness will not be cured but will increase. 

On the other hand, some circles are also demanding the resignation of Joe Biden.

According to details, former White House doctor Ronnie Jackson revealed in a TV interview with CNN. That the US President is suffering from a serious health-related illness. And this disease will not be cured in the time to come, but it will only increase.

Joe Biden is not fit to remain in office and should resign immediately.

In this regard, an American newspaper has also claimed that the American president is suffering from mental illness and his illness is being hidden from the media and the public. In fact, he cannot hold the presidency.

It should be noted that the news regarding the health of the US President has come to light at a time when Joe Biden forgot his words while talking to the media and addressing the ceremony several times. 

Once upon a time, the US President had to take a slip out of his pocket to complete his speech.

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