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Google's Secret Features to Get Rid of Boredom:

Google's Secret Features to Get Rid of Boredom
Google's Secret Features to Get Rid of Boredom.

Google's Secret Features to Get Rid of Boredom:

Search engine Google has come up with some secret features and techniques that can instantly get rid of your boredom.

According to social media reports, if you type 'do a barrel roll' or 'I'm feeling curious' in Google search, you will be presented with a bunch of games and facts that you may not have known before.

First type "make Google do a barrel roll" in the search bar and then click "I'm feeling lucky". 

Google will start spinning your desktop in a weird way, and you'll be amazed at what has happened to your screen, and then you'll enter a new world of games.

Interestingly, you will be able to play these games even if the internet drops.

Mini games include all the classic games we used to play on our Nokia phones, such as Snack, Pacman, and Space Invaders. 

In other words, Google will refresh your forgotten memories of games that we thought would no longer exist.

If this doesn't bother you, Google introduces another secret feature, which is based on interesting and common questions that we may not have known before. 

For which the California company Google But with the built-in search option, when you type "I'm feeling curious" your screen will be filled with a wealth of information.

If you still need something else, type "flip a coin" in the search bar, and Google will do the same if you type "Google Gravity" and then click "I'm feeling lucky". And wait a few seconds, the next moment Google will surprise you.

If you're still bored, type "Fun Facts", and you'll come across some interesting facts that will definitely put an end to your boredom.

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