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Beware, Facebook Password Stealing Applications:

Beware, Facebook Password Stealing Applications
Beware, Facebook Password Stealing Applications.

Beware, Facebook Password Stealing Applications:

In this story, today we are telling you about the dangerous mobile apps that are not used by Android users because these apps steal the login and password of your Facebook account.

According to social media reports, mobile phone and computer malware monitoring website Doctrub has identified a mobile application that steals your Facebook account login details and password information once installed on the mobile.

The application was available on the Google Play Store some time ago.

According to the report, more than one and a half crore of these applications containing Trojans Steelers in the form of harmless software has been installed.

However, after being reported by security experts, Google has removed these applications from Copley stores.

Below are details of some of the most important and popular Trojan applications.

  1. Pop photo.
  2. Processing feet.
  3. Rubbish Cleaner.
  4. App lock cap.
  5. Involvement fitness.

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