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Aliza Shah's Dance Moves That Explode Consumers | Ali Zafar and Aliza Shah Dance Went Viral:

Alizeh Shah and Ali Zafar set the stage ablaze with breathtaking dance moves
Alizeh Shah Dance at Hum Awards.

Aliza Shah's Dance Moves That Explode Consumers | Ali Zafar and Aliza Shah Dance Went Viral:

The name of Alize Shah, the famous actress of the Pakistan showbiz industry, does not need any praise. The actress proved her talent thanks to her excellent acting. The video of her dance went viral on social media on which users are criticizing her.

According to the details, the rehearsals of the private TV awards ceremony are in full swing. The dance rehearsals of Ali Zafar and Aliza Shah went viral in which both of them can be seen rehearsing the dance on the stage. 

It can be seen in the video that Both are rehearsing the dance in full swing. It can also be said that both are dancing with heart and soul, but the users are not happy with Alize Shah's actions.

When social media users saw their actors dancing tirelessly, their patience ran out. The same thing has happened to Aliza Shah again. 

Social media users criticized Aliza Shah for dancing tirelessly. Some of the fans said that Alize Shah's stamps are useless and strange, some said that the actress is looking over in the video, many people also criticized her new hairstyle and called it Nasir Khan Jan.

While many of her fans said that Alize Shah's strange impressions cannot be called normal. 

A user Bangash Areej says that:

Why these people are in Pakistan, if they are very interested, then do these sinister acts in India. Why are names being defamed, they have destroyed our Islamic country.

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