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Video of 'Supernatural Creature' Walking On Bridge in India Goes Viral | 5 Different Theories On Twitter:

viral video Video of 'Supernatural Creature' Walking on Bridge

Video of 'Supernatural Creature' Walking On Bridge in India Goes Viral | 5 Different Theories On Twitter:

A video entitled ‘strange white figure supernatural creature walking on the bridge’ has gone viral in June 2021. Users have questioned the origins of the "supernatural creature," with some claiming it could be an alien or a ghost.

Here’s a look at five different Twitter theories on the video, from claims that it's a ghost to rumours that this is evidence that aliens are real!

The "creature" was allegedly spotted Saturday walking at night on a bridge near the Chadwa Dam in the Hazaribagh district of the Indian state of Jharkhand.

After many viral videos that have turned out to be fake over the years, it's no wonder that some may have their doubts about the ‘supernatural creature walking on bridge’ video. However, the video has Twitter users speculating what the figure could be with many tagging NASA in their posts.

In the video, some vehicles were seen pausing near the "creature," while others drove past it. The figure appeared to briefly stop in its tracks at one point before it continued walking, according to the footage reportedly captured by locals.

Is The Supernatural Creature Walking On The Bridge An Alien?

It seems as though the internet is a great place to find all kinds of ‘evidence’ that aliens exist. And if you weren’t convinced that extra-terrestrials were a ‘thing’ then you may do, now, after seeing the viral video.

In a tweet sharing the video, which has received at least 78,900 views, A Twitter user wrote: 

"The video has become the talk of the town. People are assuming it to be an Alien and it actually could be, keenly observe the 13th second of the video, A red Lapros wing UFO flying with a jangling sound. Place-Near Hazaribagh, Jharkhand."

One Twitter user posted the video and wrote: 

"A human-like 'bizarre creature' spotted in Jharkhand's #Hazaribagh during crossing a bridge, a day earlier. Peoples nearby, are very nervous and too shocked that, was this a #Ghost, #Alien or anything else?"

Although, others made jokes about the alien theory and Tweeted that they’d seen the same figure before on The Simpsons:

In late May, basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal claimed he saw a UFO above California over two decades ago.

O'Neal made the comments in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! during which the host discussed a 60 Minutes report looking into the issue of what the government calls "unidentified aerial phenomena" or UAPs.

The former basketball player said he had been on a double date with three other people one night in 1997 and the group were on their way home from Hollywood Video in Madera, California when they witnessed a strange sighting.

"Right when we passed the fairground, I could swear I saw a flying saucer come down with all the lights and it was spinning... and then it took off," he said.

"Everything happened in less than five seconds, and we all looked at each other and was like... [looks shocked]

"I know that it was a UFO, I don't care what anybody says," O'Neal said.

Could The Supernatural Creature In India Be A Ghost?

If Twitter users weren’t suggesting that the figure was an alien, they looked to be suggesting that the Slenderman-looking creature was actually a ghost.

People Tweeted that the video was “Ghostly” and “Creepy AF“.

Another posted the video to Twitter and wrote: 

“A human-like ‘bizarre creature’ spotted in Jharkhand’s #Hazaribagh during crossing a bridge, a day earlier. Peoples nearby, are very nervous and too shocked that, was this a #Ghost, #Alien or anything else?“

Supernatural Creature Walking On Bridge Video | Demonic Witch Theory:

Several passersby in the video reportedly commented on the figure calling it a witch.

Back in March, a 47-year-old motorcyclist claimed that the sudden appearance of an unidentified flying object is what caused him to fall off his motorcycle.

"I was travelling home on my motorbike at around 9 a.m. when I witnessed a strange light travelling in the sky," the man alleged.

"I tried to concentrate on riding, but what made me fall was the sound that followed after the light. I then fell off the bike due to panic. I thought I was dying," he said.

He also claimed to have seen the UFO itself. "The object looked like a rocket with fire on its back," he reported after the fact.

While most Tweets suggest that people were thinking that the figure was an alien or a ghost, some more ideas are out there, including a demonic witch theory.

A Twitter user wrote that the figure is a demonic witch and also warned of strange sightings to come: 

“One of the first published vids I’ve seen here, that’s real. It’s a demonic witch. We knew these things would begin appearing soon through the world. Just the beginning.“

Is The VIral Supernatural Creature Video A Prank:

Twitter users were quick to suggest what the supernatural creature in the video could be. But, many were also keen to debunk the idea that the figure was actually real.

Tweets suggested that the figure could simply be a person wearing a white suit or even a totally false scene created with special effects or CGI.

One person Tweeted: 

“Interesting, but gotta call bs. You see an alien walking along and decide instead to video.. the motorcycle“.

Is The Figure On The Bridge A Zombie?

While many Tweets circulate containing ideas that the figure on the bridge is an alien, others were suggesting that it could be a zombie.

On an Instagram post of the video, a user wrote: 

“It’s a zombie”.

For now, the identity of the figure doesn’t seem to be confirmed. Newsweek reported that it had contacted the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs and the Indian Space Research Organization for comment.

Local authorities have yet to confirm the validity of the latest video and the origins of the white figure.

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