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Illuminati: What Do We Know About The 'Most Mysterious' Secret Organization In History?

Illuminati: What Do We Know About The 'Most Mysterious' Secret Organization In History?
A secret and real society called the Illuminati.

Illuminati: What Do We Know About The 'Most Mysterious' Secret Organization In History?

A secret and real society called the Illuminati has formed 245 years ago and the same name was also used for a mythical organization, which has been associated with and considered conspiracy theories for years.

Many people think that this is a secret but mysterious global organization that aims to take over the world and is involved in the great revolutions that are taking place in the world and the killing of famous people.

But who exactly were the Illuminati and did they really conquer the world? With the help of these 12 questions about this mysterious society, find out what their purpose was and who was involved in this organization.

What Was The Original Illuminati?

The Illuminati was a secret society founded in Bavaria (present-day Germany). The members of this society, which lasted from 1776 to 1785, called themselves 'Perfectbalists'.

The society was founded by Adam Wespitt, a law professor. Their aim was to spread logic and welfare education and reduce the influence of superstition and religions on society. Adam Wespitt wanted to change the system of government in European countries and eliminate religion from state affairs and show people the

"new way of light".

The first meeting of the Illuminati group is said to have taken place on May 1, 1776, in a forest near the town of Ingolstadt, attended by five people. The meeting decided to run the society.

The group's goals later changed, focusing on political decisions to influence state affairs, and on reducing religion and royal influence.

A few people from this society joined the Freemasonry Society to increase their membership.

Later, a bird called the Bird of Minerva became his identity.

What Does The Illuminati Have To Do With Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is an organization made up of bricklayers and church builders centuries ago. There is a lot of fear about Freemasonry in many countries, especially in the United States. In 1828, a political movement was formed in the United States with the sole purpose of opposing Freemasons.

Because the original Illuminati included members of the Freemasonry organization in their organization, the two groups are later merged.

What Did You Have To Do To Attend The Illuminati?

Anyone joining the Illuminati needed the permission of the members of the organization. In addition, members wishing to join the organization not only needed to have wealth but also a good reputation in society.

In addition, the society had a hierarchical system under which new members were divided into three levels and moved forward over time.

However, the system was later further complicated by increasing these ranks, and 13 different conditions were required to become full members of the organization.

Did The Illuminati Perform Certain Rituals?

The Illuminati indeed used to perform rituals but most of them do not know what those rituals were. Nicknames were used by members of society to keep their identities secret.

But the rituals we know show how newcomers to social progress to the next level.

They had to report on all the books they owned, list their weaknesses, and name their enemies. The new member was then asked to pledge that he would sacrifice his personal interests for the betterment of society.

What Is The Eye That Sees Four Hundred?

The Eye of Providence is a symbol with an eye inside a triangle and is found in various churches around the world, in Freemasonry buildings and even on a US dollar bill.

The symbol is associated not only with Freemasonry but also with the Illuminati and is said to be a symbol of the group's worldwide surveillance and control.

The sign is primarily a Christian sign and has been used in art as an expression of God's watch over humanity.

The symbol was then used in new ways in the 18th century. An example of this is a human rights document passed in the French Assembly where the symbol was used to show how a newly formed democracy is being monitored.

There is no formal relationship between this sign and the Illuminati. It is possible that the sign was associated with the Illuminati because the Freemasons used the sign as a symbol of God, and there were similarities between the Illuminati and the Freemason.

Did The Illuminati Succeed In Conquering The World?

Many people believe that the Illuminati is in control of world affairs and claim that it is such a secret society that very few people are aware of its true nature.

Because so many members of the Illuminati have joined the Freemasonry group and people affiliated with the Freemasons have joined the Illuminati group, it is difficult to say how successful the Illuminati alone has been.

However, the majority of historians say that the influence of the original Illuminati group was limited.

Who Were The Famous Members Of The Illuminati Group?

By 1782, the Illuminati group had grown to about 600 members. One of them was Adolf von Nege, an outsider in the German society's elite who had previously belonged to the Freemasonry group and played a key role in the expansion of Illuminati society.

Initially, only Adam Wespitt's students were members of the Illuminati, but later doctors, lawyers, and intelligent people from the community joined the group.

It is said that by 1784 the Illuminati had between two and three thousand members. Some sources say that the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was also a part of this organization but it has not been confirmed.

When Did The Illuminati Officially End?

Carl Theodore, the ruler of Bavaria, banned the unauthorized entry of new societies into society in 1784, and the following year issued another decree targeting and banning only the Illuminati.

At a time when members were being detained on charges of affiliation with the Illuminati, several documents became available, including articles in defence of atheism and suicide, as well as documents on abortion. The methods were listed.

The documents reinforced the suspicion that the group was a threat to both the state and religion. Since then, the Illuminati have reportedly disappeared from the scene, while many believe they have continued their organization's operations in secret.

What Is Adam Wespitt Made Of?

Adam Wespitt was affiliated with the University of Ingolstadt but was later fired. He was later deported from Bavaria and spent the rest of his life in Gotha, where he died in 1830.

So Why Are Rumours About The Illuminati Still Going On?

Soon after the end of the Illuminati, various rumours about this organization began to circulate. In 1797, the French clergyman Abe Augustine Barriel suggested that secret societies such as the Illuminati played a key role in the French Revolution.

The following year, US President George Washington wrote a letter in which he said he believed the threat posed by the Illuminati was now over, reinforcing the idea that the society was still alive.

The group has since been denounced in books and speeches, and the third US president, Thomas Jefferson, has been accused of being a member of the Illuminati.

Why Do People Still Believe In The Illuminati?

The idea of ​​the Illuminati's domination of the world has never completely disappeared from people's minds and is still talked about today.

In 1963, an article was written called Perseponia Discardia, which introduced an alternative religion called "Discordianism". The manifesto of this system talked about spreading anarchy and civil disobedience with the help of lies and deception.

Some of the followers of Discordianism have sent false letters to various magazines claiming various things, such as the hand of the Illuminati behind the death of US President John F. Kennedy.

Later a book called The Illuminati Trilogy came out and it not only became very popular but it also made many films and promoted conspiracy theories. One of them was Angels and Demons (and later a film).

What Is The New World Order And How Does It Relate To The Illuminati?

Those who believe in the New World Order understand that a group of elites is trying to take over the world. Many former US presidents and many famous singers are also included in this list.

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