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A Case Has Been Registered Against Jannat Mirza For Blasphemy:


Jannat Mirza faces police complaint over ‘blasphemy against Jesus’
Pakistani TikToker accused of insulting Christian cross

A Case Has Been Registered Against Jannat Mirza For Blasphemy:

Pakistan's number one ticker Jannat Mirza has been charged with blasphemy. According to the details, Janat Mirza had uploaded some videos on his Tik Tak account a few days ago. 

In these videos, there was a chain on Jannat Mirza's dress in which the religious symbol of Christians, the cross, was tied.

According to the newspaper report, people of the Christian community have registered an FR in the Federal Investigation Office Gulberg. According to the text of the FIR, Janat Mirza made videos a few days ago. Insulting our sacred symbol has been desecrated and millions of Christians living in Pakistan have been hurt. Strict action should be taken against them by registering a case.

FIR against Jannat Mirza, Under Section 295-A of PPC
Image Source: 24newsHD.tv

On the other hand, Pakistan's number one tick talk star Janat Mirza says that the news broadcast on TV channels that someone's life has been lost due to tick talk is all a lie. 

In a conversation with the host Sohail, he said that there are SOPs of Tik Tak under which you cannot show a pistol in the video. So all that John's death, coming under the train and dying is all lies and baseless because that person can't even post such videos according to SOPs.

The majority of the fans justified his statement while some people shared their stories and called it ridiculous.

On the other hand, when asked about the ban on the video-sharing app TickTalk, he said that he was not in favour of it because it runs the house of unemployed people and people make money from it.

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