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Who Is Peyton List Dating With? TikTok Video Trace Jacob Bertrand Theory:


Who Is Peyton List Dating With

Who Is Peyton List Dating With? TikTok Video Trace Jacob Bertrand Theory:

Rumours are common on social media that Peyton List is dating her Cobra-Kai co-star Jacob Bertrand, but is that true? Let's Investigate the story.

American actress and model Peyton List is quite private about the status of her relationship and personal matters.

She was once publicly dating actor Cameron Monaghan whom she met while filming a film Anthem of a Teenage Prophet 2017, but since then, she has not romantically bonded with anyone... heretofore.

However, fans believe Peyton can date a new person, and that's one of her co-stars.

Who Is Peyton List Dating With?

As far as we are able to know, Peyton List is not dating anyone yet after Cameron Monaghan.

She has not publicly announced that she is in a relationship with anyone.

Fans are assuming that Peyton is dating Jacob Bertrand, who is her co-star in YouTube Red and Netflix series Cobra Kai.

On Friday (May 14th), Peyton uploaded a TikTok video where she answered the question: 

“Who is your favourite character from Cobra Kai?”


Reply to @home_girl74

♬ original sound - Peyton List

With a cheerful smile and a soft voice, she said: "Hawk. Hawk is my favourite character in Cobra Kai."

If you don't know the Karate Kid spin-off, Hawk is played by actor Jacob Bertrand.

Now, fans believe it could be a hint that the duo is dating in real life.

Fans Reaction To The Peyton TikTok Video:

While there is no real evidence that Peyton and Jacob are dating, the TikTok video has really excited fans.

One person Tweeted: "Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand dating .... always thought they had a bestie or sibling rs or something that is this Loudly crying face loudly crying face loudly crying face".

Another person wrote: "Um not me just finding out that Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand are dating...  I AM HERE FOR IT".

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