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Russian Scientists discovered Sputnik Vaccine | World News Agency Rejects Russian Sputnik Vaccine!

By Reuters News Service Aspirin, a drug commonly used as a blood thinner will now be evaluated as a possible treatment for COVID-19

(Reuters) - Painkiller aspirin will be evaluated as a possible treatment for COVID-19, which will assess whether it might reduce the risk of blood clots in people.

Russian Sputnik v

Russian Scientists discovered Sputnik Vaccine, World News Agency Rejects Russian Sputnik Vaccine! What is the Reality?

Study finds aspirin can reduce the risk of COVID-19 deaths, complications. The blood-thinning properties of aspirin are proving to be helpful in fighting the novel.

Syed Ali Haider working journalist since 2009 broke the news on his YouTube channel. In which he said quoting the article of  Reuters (the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the world’s largest multimedia news provider) Citing the article of "15 April 2021".

This is what happened in Russia. A postmortem of the patient was done. This is not a bad thing to say, but a postmortem of the body cannot be done as per the directions of WHO. Because WHO says that there is the most coronavirus inside the body.

What did Russia find?

Basically, he discovered that Covid 19 is a radioactive virus. This is not a protein virus. They found a blood clot that is damaging the blood vessels. (Remember: It will be better if the blood will be thinner and smoother).

He said that the Covid does not have the status of a virus. Rather, it is a bacterium that is prone to radioactivity. Which causes a blood clot to cause human death.

Syed Ali Haider also quoted Reuters Report about Russian Scientists: 

Covid 19 blood clots became a disease in humans. This causes blood to clot in the veins and stops running. Due to which the human breath begins to swell. Because the heart, brain and lungs do not get oxygen. Which causes people to die. Scientists came to this conclusion.

Even more astonishing is the fact that they told us about the treatment we have been told, It doesn't work. When the post-mortem report turned everything upside down, Scientists said it was not a cure for the world. The treatment is something else.

What is the Treatment of Covid 19?

You will be amazed at the treatment given. They said that nothing should be done to the patient of Covid, Just give him aspirin. They also said that we started giving 100mg aspirin to our patients And they began to recover.

What did Russia do next?

Russian sent all 14000 patients to their home who had oxygen. This information is in the Reuters article of April 15. They said that we sent 14000 people to their homes And everyone was healed. They take only aspirin.

Reuters also wrote that China already knew all this And what is the cure for it. But China did not report it.

He also said that you only have to take aspirin and nothing else, This shows that it is possible to cure this disease.

The rest of the research scientists who were doing this research. They said that the people on Ventilators or in ICU. They never needed a ventilator. If they follow the same protocol, there is nothing to fear of.

Does this mean that the world is being deceived? The treatment that could have been cheap why it's becoming more expensive?

The report also states that it was a global ploy to make billions.

Reuters Denies the Allegations Itself about Its Article of 15 April 2021:

But after the news broke, Reuters itself denied the allegations. And now they are trying to figure out what's really going on:

Reuters is quoting Russia's Ministry of Health. The news was that Russia found something very unique. But it is not. The Russian Ministry of Health says it is still a virus And makes blood clots. But it will not be called bacteria It's still a virus.

At the same time, they said that Russia is not the only country That performed the postmortem of the dead body of the Corona deceased person. The United States, Germany, and Italy have already done so.

Reuters reports that an article on the treatment of aspirin was published in May 2020. In which some of them had made such claims.

Reuters is now denying the news And it's quoting the Russian Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health itself has said that 2.5 million people have died And died from Corona. And that is the Corona that was mentioned earlier.

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