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How To Build Attraction In Conversation:


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How To Build Attraction In Conversation:

This video will go through how to build attraction in conversation and also you can show you have these traits in a way that feels natural, rather than try hard or braggy.

What You Need In Conversation:

You don’t need every single trait to attract someone, this video is meant to give you a menu to choose from. Some come through in the stories you tell, others only require one sentence for you to establish.

This video will break down some clips of Robert Downey Jr and Charlie Hunnam to highlight 4 different personality traits you may have.

Those are psychologically attractive to a lot of women.

And yes, both these guys are handsome, but the techniques in this video will help anyone to be more attractive regardless of how you look. 

Also, it’s worth noting, these are far from the only ways to be attractive.

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