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Couple Get Caught 'Kissing' On Airblue Flight:


Couple kissing in flight viral

Couple Caught 'Kissing' In Airblue Flight:

An Amorous Pakistani couple was allegedly caught #Kissing 💋 on a Local AirBlue Flight, causing an uproar on the Aircraft with a Passenger filing an official complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The incident took place on PA-200, a Karachi-Islamabad Flight, on May 201 Eyewitnesses claim the couple is seated in the 4th row and kissing.

The Follow passengers then complained, upon which the Air Hostess requested the couple to stop.

When they did not pay heed to her Request, she reportedly provided the couple with a blanket to keep their Display of affection under wraps.

Passengers claim that when the couple was confronted over their actions they hit back saying:
"Who are you to tell us, anything".
Advocate, Bilal Farooq Alvi, who was on board the Plane, lodged a complaint with the CAA against the airline staff for not taking action to stop the couple.

The authority is now reportedly probing the matter Alvi also issued a video message on social media claiming to Detail the actions of the couple in the
presence of families aboard the Flight.

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