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Who is Tyrese Gibson's Girlfriend? Tyrese Shaves his Girlfriend's Coochie Goes Viral on Instagram:

 Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson and his girlfriend Zelie Timothy went viral on Instagram. Because he filmed some borderline NSFW content. Let's start Who is Tyrese Gibson's Girlfriend? Tyrese Shaves his Girlfriend's Coochie on Instagram.

Tyrese Gibson Video
Tyrese Gibson's

Back in February 2017 Gibson and Lee tied the knot in a secret ceremony and share a 2-year-old daughter, Soraya. The couple said at the time:

“Our intention is to remain the best of friends & strong coparents. We feel incredibly blessed to have found each other and deeply grateful for the 4 years we have been married to each other.”

He also has a 13-year-old daughter, Shayla, with his ex Norma Gibson.

Who is Tyrese Gibson's Girlfriend? Tyrese Shaves his Girlfriend's Pubic Hairs on Instagram:

Last year in 2020 Tyrese Gibson divorced his wife of four years, Samantha Lee. Since then, he’s been with Instagram star Zelie Timothy. 

Who filmed Tyrese Gibson shaving her bikini line and shared it on her Instagram Story on Sunday. 

As it can be seen in the video that the model’s face was not in the clip, her legs were kicked up in the air and spread.

The F9 star did not share any clips of him or his girlfriend Zeli on his own account.

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Tyrese Gibson's Girlfriend?

Fast and Furious 9 star Tyrese Gibson age 42 is currently dating Instagram star Zelie Timothy for the last few months. After the announcement of Gibson divorced.

Tyrese Girlfriends Instagram / Zelie Timothy Instagram:

Zelie Timothy is 25 years old, belongs to the Dominican Republic and moved to Atlanta in 2020. 

She has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos for her Fans but she is a social media star with 374,000 followers on her Instagram.

What Is In The Video?

Zelie captioned the post on Instagram as Tyrese can be seen shaving her bikini line.

“I will never let go of my King. But does your man shave you though?”

Gibson can also be heard in this video, he said:

“going to put the creamer on it first” 

and then 

“mix it with some oil.”

Meanwhile, when the actor called her "beautiful", she responded:

“What’s beautiful is your man hands.”

she also told him.

“I know you’re supposed to be shaving, but I’m thinking about something else,”.

What People Are Saying  About  The Video?

Opinions seem to be divided on this video.

One wrote on social media: “there is no human alive who overshares more than Tyrese Gibson.”

Another shared: “TYRESE GIBSON IS A MENACE.”

Man Image here:

“This is romance,” one person added.

While another said: “There’s nothing wrong with shaving for her but like why post it.”

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