How to Pitch a Business Idea

An entrepreneur always wonders if there is something that will help to get success in life. Which mostly other entrepreneurs don’t know. In this article, you will know how to pitch a business idea and raise money for the company. As we know many successful startups and internet famous personalities have also published their pitching ideas.

Business Idea Pitch example
Business Idea Pitch example

I am CEO of an Internet Service Provider company. I raised its funding for startup and few other companies also used the same method to raise their company funds. Maybe many of you thinking about the method. If it’s something like education or mental level, or how they run their business or hire people.

How to Pitch a Business Idea:

The pitching idea that I will share have unique content so we will look deep on each point. An entrepreneur may have got more than 1 minute to tell about their business idea or a business they are running. But it will be good if they make it to 60 seconds.

In this pitch, you may have to tell the audience about the business problems that you are facing and how you solved those problems. In this way you will tell them what they need to buy so the audience will decide.

Most people don’t get anything because they don’t know what to ask for. So never start a conversation with the customer about what do you want or I won't. 

Then what you do is you try and start the conversation with the ask and end it with the ask. Tell them that you are looking for investors in your business and you are looking to purchase a plant (for example diesel).

If you are presenting in front of people, then don’t just jump into it take time and scan the room. Find someplace of power which is where the light is.

Tell them the product that you want to provide and it’s an alternative to the diesel. It will be cheaper than the normal diesel and also it will be cheaper to manufacture.

You can also tell them that your manufactured diesel will be environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

It will be best for vehicle engines. If this product will be used, then it will be best to clean the engine and hence to prolong engine life.

After getting the attention of the audience it’s time to tell them your required investment.

I am looking for 2 million to purchase equipment and plot to bring my product into the market.

Pitching Idea in 60 seconds:

So here is a quick example of how to pitch your business idea within 60 seconds. For this pitch idea, I will consider 3 steps to help this pitching idea. 

Step 1 / The Problem:

For this point, you might have only 8 to 10 seconds to make the right impression. Any business might have problems and to solve a problem of the potential client is the point where we will start and find their points and then address them. So this is the way to simplify your business to something that your audience can understand.

Step 2 / The Solution:

The best solution always tells a story about your business. Something that must be unique to your professional experience. Where you have gone above what's required and really surprised a client. 

For example, finding a candidate for a position who really do not think if he will be able to do that position and we know we could. We can know it by talking to him and although he does not have the right experience of paper. 

We also know he can do that job. So we can talk to the company about him and he will get the job. Why? Because we will believe that he can do this job.

Step 3 / Sell mission:

Your mission will be to put people back run of their businesses. Now you can use video to do this but there’s no need to talk about it as its just a tool when we get results with to have a think about the real reason that your business exists.

Another Example / Pitching a Business Idea:

If we go to some company and make plans with them and if we give them 5 % for what we will make at the end of the month.

If you talk to the people and ask them to follow you on social media and tell them that you are going to introduce a new cloths fashion brand.

I have a brand name “XYZ” developed by myself. The fashion itself has been come over to the plastic groupie women. 

Because it’s not easy to find a curvy woman. Because the new fashion design appeal to the thinner women. So the problem is to provide for all sizes which are not easy. 

For that purpose, you can find a person who is a celebrity in the entertainment world or the same industry to by a brand store from you.

You may not know the most powerful thing in this pitch that everybody will remember. When you will leave the room with a story. Also, why did you start your fashion and what happens later on?

Your brand story might be very powerful because you share problem-solving solutions. And the way you stated one problem in one pitch and also jumped into the solution.

And of course, you will follow the presentation design layout as well to pitch the idea.

But you must remember that the pitch root point is very important to impress any investor.

The points in this pitch idea follow the same structure. For example, if we look at the worlds famous company Uber. Their Pitch floor has become the most popular reference in the world.

A very known company Airbnb also brief it very nicely in just 3 sentences. 

- There is no way to host a room in your apartment or book a room with any local.

- Hotels are like bubbles.

- The payment is important for any travellers.

In this way, you will be able to represent your case, situation, problem and your idea. It will be a very important part of the pitch because it will define if you can attract an investor or not.

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